Tips for whom just started at Macquarie University

Here’s the note I took while I started at Macquarie in 2016. These notes are specific to Macquarie University.

Scanning is free at any iPrint station – if it doesn’t work, top up one dollar

If the multi-functional machine indicates your printing balance is zero and does not accept your campus card, just top-up for one dollar and you can start scanning. The scanned document can be sent to your MQ email or USB stick. USB slot is on the right side of the machine, near the touchscreen panel.

Postgraduate study area – access will not be granted automatically

Postgraduate study area in the library need your student ID for entry, but you need to apply for access first.
Google “MQ postgraduate access request” and complete the form. The form may looks messy, just fill it and submit. You only need to do it once through your study.

Learning workshops

You may interest in these workshops especially if you’ve left university for several years (7.5 years for me).
Google “MQ workshops” to find it out. Most workshop available from week 1~3 and mid-session break.

Book is not available in library? Asking them to buy it for you – it’s free

If you need a book that MQ library does not have, you may ask them to buy it. There is no charge to us as it’s included in the tuition fee.

Google “MQ library purchase request”, fill out the form, and the book usually became available after 2~4 weeks. It worth mentioning that, although their website indicates they will send you email after they purchase the book, but not always. Check availability every 2 weeks after submitting the form.

Risk level of each unit may different

Some units may be based on something you’re familiar with, but some of them may not.
Invest more effort on high-risk units.

Plan your study

People finish their degree in different ways, it’s your responsibility to plan your study.
Be aware that some unit is only available in session 1, OR only session 2. Plan for it, to graduate on-time, on-budget.

Seeing GP is free in Macquarie University Clinic

Even if you’re an international student, they can ‘bulk-billing’ to your OSHC (accurate as of 2017).
Book online and bring your student ID and OSHC information.

Consider GLP – Global Leadership Program

It’s an extracurricular activity I highly recommend. It’s not easy to complete, but it’s very rewarding. It better equipped me in leadership skill and understanding various social and global issues.

You don’t need to feel obligated to finish it. I enrolled in GLP with no expectation to finish it, by simply enjoying the seminar and events it offers. I recommend my friends to do the same, by attending the welcome session and see how it goes.

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