HP ProCurve Switch 5400zl timezone and daylight saving configuration in Sydney

Only two lines

time timezone 600
time daylight-time-rule user-defined begin-date 10/01 end-date 04/01

HP ProCurve Switch 5400zl has a pre-defined daylight saving configuration “southern-hemisphere”. However, based on HP documentation, it does not apply to Sydney.

Southern Hemisphere:
* Begin DST at 2am the first Sunday on or after October 25th.
* End DST at 2am the first Sunday on or after March 1st.

So we need to setup user-defined rules. Be aware that 10/01 does not mean 1st October, but first Sunday in October. Refer to HP documentation for detail.

It will look like this in ‘menu’ mode after configuration.

===========================- TELNET - MANAGER MODE -============================
                   Switch Configuration - System Information

  System Name : switch
  System Contact :
  System Location :

  Idle Timeout (sec) [0] : 0            MAC Age Time (sec) [300] : 300
  Inbound Telnet Enabled [Yes] : Yes    Web Agent Enabled [Yes] : Yes
  Time Sync Method [TIMEP/SNTP] : NTP

  Tftp-enable [Yes] : Yes               Jumbo Max Frame Size [9216] : 9216
  Time Zone [0] : 600                   Jumbo IP MTU [9198] : 9198
  Daylight Time Rule [None] : User-defined
  Beginning month [April] : October     Beginning day [1] : 1
  Ending month [October] : April        Ending day [1] : 1

 Actions->   Cancel     Edit     Save     Help
Cancel changes and return to previous screen.                                   

Use arrow keys to change action selection and  to execute action.


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